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Yandy Watch 2017

The Yandy Watch Epilogue

The era never really started, did it?

Yandy Diaz’s place with the Indians remains in limbo

If you’re waiting for Yandy Diaz to become a permanent part of the Indians’ lineup, look to the future.

Yandy Diaz deserves to be on a roster somewhere

He can contribute today, and there is nothing left for him to do in the minors

The promise of Yandy Diaz

We caught glimpses of it in 2017. Will it lift off in 2018?

Yandy Watch 2017 - Free Windows Edition

Yes, it is glorious when Yandy lifts the ball

We can only hope for more celebratory Yandy Watches.

Revisiting Yandy Watch 2017

What has our dear friend been up to in Columbus?

Yandy Watch 2017: Empty chairs and empty tables

Here we sang about tomorrow, and tomorrow never came.

Yandy Watch 2017: The Reckoning

In difficult times we must search deep within ourselves... and find only more sadness.

Yandy Watch 2017: King of Columbus

You’re going to like Yandy’s AAA numbers this season

Yandy Watch 2017: Return to Columbus

Yandy will be back, but what fuels his efforts?

Yandy Watch 2017: Diving plays and swing planes

There is a reason that Yandy Diaz doesn’t have any “power”.

Yandy Watch 2017: Yandy Ascended

This is only the beginning.

Yandy Watch 2017: Extra-base hits, walks, and slick fielding

The team will make a decision within the coming days.

Yandy Watch 2017: The one with the five-game hitting streak

Keep mashing, young man.

Yandy Watch 2017: The nearly Yandyless edition


Yandy Diaz remains sidelined with sore groin

The 25-year-old has not played since he came up limp running the bases on March 4.

Yandy Diaz is following the Edgar Martinez path to success

As unfair as it is to compare a prospect to a Hall of Famer, Diaz is doing too much to not talk about it

Yandy Watch 2017: Welcome to the #FreeYandy movement

The face that launched a thousand doubles? Only time will tell.