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Dear ESPN, the Guardians do not have a blue logo

What are you even doing over there?

Scenes from a division champion: Guardians celebrate first AL Central win since 2018

The youngest team in baseball has done the improbable — now it’s time to celebrate

I can’t stop thinking about Rick Manning’s home run call

"Uh huh ... There ya go."

Progressive Field’s new Guardians sign is off-center and I can’t unsee it

Please fix it, I beg you

George Valera reads nice tweets

Protect this man at all costs

Cleveland’s outfield just gave up the dumbest home run imaginable

No words

Cleveland legend Jerry Sands still making plays in Japan


Franmil Reyes explains his home run bazooka

Sometimes finger guns just don’t cut it

Carlos Santana receives standing ovation in first at-bat back in Cleveland

Santana stepped out of the batter’s box and tipped his cap to the limited capacity crowd at Progressive Field

Find something that makes you as happy as playing baseball makes Yu Chang

We should give him some kind of nickname, like "Mr. Smile" or something

Bryan Shaw got absolutely roasted by his own wife

"Also, I love you"

Featured Fanshot

Grady Sizemore is back! ... in MLB The Show

Cleveland legend Grady Sizemore was announced as one of the MLB The Show 2021's Diamond Dynasty legends.

What’s up that hockey jersey Josh Naylor was wearing?

Aren’t they in Arizona? And other things.

The sound of a ball hitting a glove

It’s the first from spring training 2021 and it’s a beauty

Roberto Pérez’s value goes beyond numbers

Want to know why Cleveland values catchers that can handle a staff well? Look no further than Marcus Stroman and how he learned to trust his sinker.

FOCO's Shane Bieber Triple Crown bobblehead available for pre-order

If there was a septuple crown he would’ve won that, too. Just give him all the crowns

Some of the most absurd home runs Eddie Rosario has hit against Cleveland

Nowhere is safe if you’re a Cleveland pitcher facing Eddie Rosario

Roberto Pérez is a Twitch streamer now

Find him @BeboPz55 on Twitch and Facebook Gaming

Watch: SABR panel on Indians’ 1920 World Series win

The SABR Century Committee gathered a group of panelists to discuss the Tribe’s first World Series win more than a century ago

Hey sports world, José Ramírez exists and he’s really good

Maybe include one of the game’s best players in your postseason promos?

ESPN airing Francisco Lindor E60 special tonight

"Mr. Smile" will highlight the superstars impact on baseball and probably his dental hygiene habits

José Ramírez used a familiar bat for his playoff-clinching homer

The legend of Rajai Davis lives on

Triston McKenzie’s friend predicted his promotion and strikeout total in his debut

So, uh, Todd Isaacs Jr. is a precog

Francisco Lindor somersaults across home plate after taking Mike Clevinger deep

In case you needed more reasons to love Frankie

Taking the Indians to new horizons in Animal Crossing

You can pry baseball from my cold, dead fingerless hands

Indians scoreboard logo is finally lit up again

It’s been a year since those bad boys were fired up and I sure did miss them

Ken Burns’ Baseball streaming free on

Ken Burns and PBS have teamed up to stream the legendary documentary series for free

Here’s that picture of Jason Kipnis in a Cubs uniform you never wanted or asked for

Looking sharp there Kip, I say not holding back any tears whatsoever


Take a big whiff. You smell that? That’s baseball season approaching, baby

Members of the 2016 Indians are vacationing together in Napa and my heart can’t take it

Further proof that the 2016 Indians are, in fact, the best

Respect the Baseball Moms

A moment of levity as the regular season inches toward the end

Francisco Lindor celebrates a home run by shooting the Indians bench with a bazooka

That’s how you start a baseball game