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Top 100 Cleveland Indians: Recap, 75-51

We've now completed the third quartile of the countdown.

Heritage Park at Progressive Field
Heritage Park at Progressive Field
Ryan Richards

As we moved through these 25 profiles, quite a few of the earlier players in the history of the Tribe have been noted, such as: Guy Morton, an early strike out artist; Ed Morgan, who had one season that rivaled the best of the best; and longtime catcher Steve O'Neill who would later manage the Indians. There was also a surplus of left fielders, longtime fan favorite Charlie Jamieson, his successor Joe Vosmik, Dale Mitchell, Tito Francona and David Justice. The middle infield was well represented as well: Terry Turner, the player with most career games, Joe Gordon, a Hall of Famer; Woodie Held, the rare power hitting shortstop in his day; and Carlos Baerga, the switch-hitting sparkplug of the 90s team.

For those who missed the beginning of the series, you can click the red "Top 100 Indians" box at the top of this article to see all the profiles, or click on the Top 100 Indians hub on the front page of the site. Or you can click on the links below:

Please see here for the recap of the 25 players profiled in the fourth quartile. Let's briefly recap the last 25 profiles:

75. 3B Graig Nettles (1970-1972) - A third baseman who had a great start with the Tribe, but ended up starring for the hated Yankees in the mid 70's .

74. LF Tito Francona (1959-1964) - The father of our current skipper, Terry, he was one of the few offensive threats on the early 60s squads.

73. RH RP Rafael Betancourt (2003-2009) - A former shortstop, Betancourt developed into one of the slowest working relievers but also established himself as one the best set-up pitchers the Tribe ever had.

72. LF/DH David Justice (1997-2000) - The player who ended the Tribe's 1995 magical season, arrived for fan favorite Kenny Lofton and was a top slugger for the late 90s powerhouse Tribe squads.

71. LF Joe Vosmik (1930-1936) - This Cleveland native was a League Park truant who ended up starring in left field for six years in the 30s.

70. 1B Mike Hargrove (1979-1985) - The manager of those 90s powerhouse teams was a very good first baseman in his own right affectionately known as the Human Rain Delay when he was a player.

69. RH RP Doug Jones (1986-1991, 1998) - This late bloomer was the atypical closer who is third all-time on the Indians save list.

68. RH SP/RP Guy Morton (1914-1924) - A member of the 1920 World Champs, Morton was one of the top strikeout pitchers in his day, and threw four one-hitters for the Indians.

67. 3B Brook Jacoby (1984-1992) - One of the prospects obtained in the Len Barker trade, Jacoby would develop into one of the best third baseman in Tribe history.

66. LH SP Greg Swindell (1986-1991, 1996) - This Texas phenom was supposed to be a left handed Clemens. He became the ace of the late 80s Indians staff.

65. RF/3B Al E. Smith (1953-1957, 1964) - A key ingredient to the fantastic 1954 team, Fuzzy would have his best season in 1955 before heading to Chicago in 1958.

64. 1B/RF Ed Morgan (1928-1933) - The first Indians player to hit 20 HR, Morgan makes the list mainly because of that fantastic 1930 season.

63. LH SP Herb Score (1955-1959) - The beloved announcer was originally a left handed version of Feller who was destined for stardom until a torn tendon ruined his promising career.

62. C Steve O'Neill (1911-1923) - The player with the second most games caught, O'Neill was a defensive stalwart for the Indians for a long time and also managed the Tribe in the 1930s.

61. C John Romano (1960-1964) - One of the players acquired by Trader Lane who was productive AND actually stuck with the team for a while and made four All-Star games in two consecutive seasons.

60. SS/2B/1B/ DH Julio Franco (1983-1988, 1996-1997) - The poster child for the preseason 1987 Indians, Franco was the bane of all Little League managers in Cleveland in the 80s.

59. LH SP Cliff Lee (2002-2009) - The cherry on top of the Bartolo Colon deal, Lee was traded for eleven prospects in twelve months but couldn't tell you who they were because he doesn't read. His 2008 season is top five all-time for an Indian starting pitcher.

58. 3B/OF Buddy Bell (1972-1978) - Perhaps the best glove man ever at third base for the Indians, Bell was part of one of the most successful bloodlines in baseball history.

57. 2B Joe Gordon [HOF] (1947-1950) - The former Yankee was one of the best offensive second basemen in history and did it all in four seasons. He was a leader on the last Tribe champion in 1948.

56. LF Dale Mitchell (1946-1956) - One of the toughest players to ever strike out, Mitchell excelled in left field for seven seasons and made two All-Star teams.

55. RH SP Sonny Siebert (1964-1969) - One of the more dominant starting pitchers the Tribe ever had. He is second all-time in WHIP and seventh in K/9.

54. SS/2B/OF Woodie Held (1958-1964) - One of the many excellent shortstops the Indians have had over the years, Woodie had the most amount of power than any of them, finishing fourteenth all-time in home runs for all players.

53. 2B/3B Carlos Baerga (1990-1999, 1999) - The three time All-Star was the first MLB player to ever hit two home runs from each side of the plate in an inning.

52. SS/3B/2B Terry Turner (1904-1918) - The career games played leader, Turner was a defensive wizard for the Naps/Indians at shortstop and third base.

51. LF Charlie Jamieson (1919-1932) - This fan favorite played fourteen years for the Indians while amassing lofty career totals as the career leader in games in left field.