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Top 100 Cleveland Indians

Profiles of the players on the Top 100 Indians list.

Top 100 Indians: #64 Ed Morgan

Another history lesson of a player most people did not know played for the Tribe, let alone in the major leagues.

Top 100 Indians: #65 Al Smith

When we finalized the Top 100 list, Al Smith didn't really stand out. But as I got to know him through research, the more I realized what a fine player he was.

Top 100 Indians: #66 Greg Swindell

Let's Go Tribe's countdown of the greatest players in Cleveland Indians history continues with one of the few bright spots from the dark days that were the late 80s and early 90s.

Top 100 Indians: #67 Brook Jacoby

Next on the list, the player with the third most games at third base, Brook Jacoby.

Top 100 Indians: #68 Guy Morton

Let's Go Tribe's look at the greatest players in Indians history continues with the little known Guy Morton.

Top 100 Indians: #69 Doug Jones

The top reliever on our Top 100 countdown was picked up by the Indians as a minor-league free agent. The remarkable story of Doug Jones.

Top 100 Indians: #70 Mike Hargrove

From 1979 until 1999, Mike Hargrove was part of the Indians organization in some capacity, whether as a player, minor-league coach, minor-league manager, major-league coach, and finally major-league manager.

Top 100 Indians: #71 Joe Vosmik

The Top 100 series continues with a blast from the past, Cleveland native Joe Vosmik.

Top 100 Indians: #72 David Justice

Justice didn’t play for the Tribe all that long, but he put up one of the most memorable seasons in franchise history and was quite productive throughout his stay.

Top 100 Indians: #73 Rafael Betancourt

Rafael Betancourt saved a grand total of 17 games with the Indians, but he was just as, or even more, valuable than the closers who came into games after him.

Top 100 Indians: #74 Tito Francona

In that near-magical 1959 season, Tito Francona was the driving force behind what turned out to be the Indians' last pennant contender for 35 years.

Top 100 Indians: #75 Graig Nettles

And we now come to another odd name on the list, Graig Nettles, the only Graig ever in the majors.

Top 100 Indians: Recap, 100-76

We're a quarter of the way through our countdown, so let's step back to review the first 25 players profiled.

Top 100 Indians: #76 Dennis Eckersley

Let's Go Tribe's countdown of the 100 greatest players in Indians history continues with a look at Dennis Eckersley, whose time in Cleveland was far too short.

Top 100 Indians: #77 Jhonny Peralta

When I say Fat Shortstop, do you think Top 100?

Top 100 Indians: #78 Jose Mesa

I could rattle off all the big saves in Mesa's Indians career, but all those accomplishments are overshadowed by what Jose Mesa did in the ninth inning of the seventh game of the 1997 World Series.

Top 100 Indians: #79 Steve Gromek

Before Game 4 of the 1948 World Series, manager Lou Boudreau made a hunch move. With the Indians up 2-1, he could have brought back Bob Feller on three days' rest to face , but instead went with Steve Gromek, the club's swingman.

Top 100 Indians: #80 Joe Carter

From a Cleveland perspective, trading Joe Carter trade to San Diego was really the first step in building the mid-90s Indians clubs.

Top 100 Indians: #81 Jake Miller

One of the more obscure pitchers among the Top 100, Jake Miller pitched for the Indians from the end of the Tris Speaker era to the beginning of the Earl Averill era.

Top 100 Indians: #82 Odell Hale

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #82 Odell Hale

Top 100 Indians: #83 Jack Graney

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #83 Jack Graney

Top 100 Indians: #84 Asdrubal Cabrera

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #84 Asdrubal Cabrera

Top 100 Indians: #85 Casey Blake

The countdown of the Top 100 Indians continues with #85 Casey Blake

Top 100 Indians: #86 Oral Hildebrand

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #86 Oral HIldebrand

Top 100 Indians: #87 Jake Westbrook

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #87 Jake Westbrook.

Top 100 Indians: #88 Eric Plunk

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #88 Eric Plunk

Top 100 Indians: #89 Paul Shuey

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #89 Paul Shuey. The Diatribe's Paul Cousineau guest posts.

Top 100 Indians: #90 Rick Waits

The Top 100 Indians series continues with #90 Rick Waits.

Top 100 Indians: #91 George Burns

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #91 George Burns

Top 100 Indians: #92 George Hendrick

Next up on the Top 100 Indians countdown: #92 George Hendrick.

Top 100 Indians: #93 Dennis Martinez

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #93 Dennis Martinez.

Top 100 Indians: #94 Harry Bay

The Top 100 Indians countdown continues with #94 Harry Bay (1902-1908).