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The Shaw Redemption

What if Cleveland forced Bryan Shaw to pitch at age 64?

Every game he’ll warm up somewhere in between the 5th and the 8th, if it’s not too near.

What if the only pitcher that the Indians faced all season was Bryan Shaw?

You can escape Cleveland, but you’ll never escape my copy of Out of the Park Baseball

The Shaw Supremacy

How good would Bryan Shaw be if took Super Soldier Serum like Captain America? What if he could travel back in time? Would he be able to save the hapless 1899 Cleveland Spiders?

The Shaw Singularity: Every team. Every position.

73,000 innings of Bryan Shaw across every position.

Three years of nothing but Bryan Shaw in OOTP

People have complained about Bryan Shaw's usage in reality, so I decided to see what would happen if the Indians forced Shaw to pitch every single inning of a season. Or three.