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Predictions contest 2015 - Final Chance and Tiebreaker

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a prize!

Meet the new shortstop, not really the same as the old shortstop!
Meet the new shortstop, not really the same as the old shortstop!
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

A few weeks ago the LGT community started entering predictions for the 2015 members of the Cleveland Indians. Way back then, there was no prize other than bragging rights. Today we announce that the best predictor will win a really awesome architectural print of Jacob's Field from Ballpark Blueprints!

If you have not yet put in your predictions, you have until today at 6:00 PM ET today to enter them. You can find all of the posts here.

It was mentioned before that the pitchers and hitters were being split into two contests, however, we have decided to roll those into one prize, so all points will be tallied for one grand total. Speaking of points, the scoring system this year is based against results, not the field. This means that the closer you are to the actual prediction, the more points you can earn. The scoring is tiered based on percentage change in the difference between the actual result and your prediction. The tiers are:

1% or less = 5 points
2.5% or less = 4 points
5% or less = 3 points
10% or less = 2 points
20% or less = 1 point

This means that the most points you can earn for each player is 30 points, and there is no limit to the amount of people who can earn points for each player.

Finally, we have our tiebreaker prediction! This will only be used in the even of a tie, or for bragging rights if you like that type of thing. You can drop your prediction for this into the comments of this post.

MLB Debut date for Francisco Lindor

I'm going with July 17th. Jose Ramirez will be doing a good job, but the defensive struggles of Lonnie Chisenhall and the total ineptitude of Mike Aviles, coupled with Lindor meeting/exceeding expectations in Columbus will mean that Ramirez will fill a super-Aviles roll and Lindor will become the shortstop of tomorrow, today. Happy just-barely-Belated Birthday, to me!

What do you say?