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Cleveland Indians predictions contest 2015 - Corey Kluber

What better place to start with pitcher predictions than our Klubot?

Two lawyers walk into a bar. One lawyer turns to the other and says, "We are both lawyers."
Two lawyers walk into a bar. One lawyer turns to the other and says, "We are both lawyers."
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This post is part of a series allowing the LGT community to weigh in with their predictions for the 2015 season. Bragging rights are at stake! There will be two separate contests, one for hitters and one for pitchers. Last year's contest was scored against the field, however, this year's points system will work relative to the stats - the closer to final number in each category, the more points you can earn, despite what other participants predict. You need not submit predictions for every single player in order to win, but doing so will increase your chances to win.

For position players, you'll be asked to predict each player's innings pitched (IP), wins (W), ERA, WHIP, strikeout rate (K/9), and walk rate (BB/9). For relief pitchers there will be saves instead of wins.

Comments for each post will remain active until the night of Sunday, April 5th, 2015.

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Corey Kluber

I cannot say anything else about Kluber's incredible 2015 that hasn't already been said by those with more talent than I. On the rotation, you can see more here. On Kluber, see herehere and here.


Courtesy of FanGraphs

The Predictions

ZiPS looks the best here, but I can't figure out Steamer. The BABIP drops but the projections still look worse than the counterpart. I'm choosing to ignore them and go with ZiPS. They don't see a repeat, but that's been covered, and isn't totally without understanding. Statistically, he broke out without any real inclination that it was coming. But come it did and here we are. All in all, ZiPS wouldn't be a poor performance, but I think we're all still looking for just a bit more.

What I Think

I think ZiPS isn't too far off, but could show just a bit more faith. I like where it heads with strikeout and walk rates, but I think the defense will improve and the ERA should drop closer to last year's total without needing as low of a FIP. I see no reason for the wins to drop off as I expect a solid bullpen again this year, especially in Kluber starts that allow Tito to go straight to the Circle of Trust.

IP: 225
W: 17
ERA: 2.62
WHIP: 1.14
K/9: 10.11
BB/9: 1.94

Your Turn

To submit your entry, simply copy and paste the text below into a new comment and fill in your predictions!