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Dog-Eared Corner

Dog-Eared Corner: The End of Baseball by Peter Schilling, Jr.

A baseball novel about Bill Veeck and the stars of the Negro Leagues

Dog-Eared Corner: Baseball Rebels

We could all stand to learn a thing or two from the rebels

Dog-Eared Corner: Whispers of the Gods

An entertaining update of The Glory of Their Times

Dog-Eared Corner: The Saga of Sudden Sam

Sam McDowell’s memoir is not quite as great as the life behind it

Dog-Eared Corner: The Science of Baseball

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a book for all fans

Dog-Eared Corner: Hit By Pitch

Breaking down a gem of a graphic novel, including an interview with the author

Dog-Eared Corner: A Drive into the Gap

A little baseball book that delivers a big story

Dog-Eared Corner: Till the End

CC Sabathia’s memoir does not spare on his baseball life or his addiction, and succeeds because of his openness

Dog-Eared Corner: Till the End

Tie goes to the pitcher: let’s read CC Sabathia’s memoir

Dog-Eared Corner: Offseason incoming

The season’s not technically over, but I’m ready for reading season

Dog-Eared Corner: Our Team

Another great new Cleveland baseball book means another great giveaway

Let’s Go Read: 42 Today

In a remarkable collection of essays, the notion of who Jackie Robinson was and is gets re-examined

Let’s Go Read: Dalko

Heavy on the myth, Dalko misses the important parts of the man

Let’s Go Read: How Baseball Happened

Thomas Gilbert’s look at early baseball’s origins is well worth any history fan’s time

Let’s Go Read: Perfect Season Project

This fan project is a fun diversion

Let’s Go Read: The Cactus League

Emily Nemens’ debut novel is a fun summer baseball read

Let’s Go Read: Cleveland Rocked

An interview with Zack Meisel about our first Cleveland-specific book and our first giveaway!

Let’s Go Read: Future Value

Not just a scouting treatise, Future Value offers a wide look at baseball today

Let’s Go Read (with audio!): The Wax Pack

Breaking down Brad Balukjian’s new book, including a conversation with the author

Let’s Go Read: Hall of Name (with audio!)

Reviewing D. B. Firstman’s Hall of Name, including a conversation with the author

Baseball book recommendations for Read Across America Day

Cozy up with the kids in your life, or your inner kid, and enjoy some books

Let’s Go Read: The Resisters

A new dystopian novel places baseball at the forefront of the struggle

Let’s Go Read: Reviewing The Soul of Baseball

Posnanski’s portrait of Buck O’Neil should have a place on any bookshelf

Let’s Go Read: The Soul of Baseball

To settle the tie, I had to go with Soul

Let’s Go Read: New year, new book

The days are too short not to grab a book

Let’s Go Read: Recapping The Universal Baseball Association

A back-and-forth on our latest selection

Let’s Go Read The Universal Baseball Association

The voters have spoken

Let’s Go Read, Again

Bringing back the offseason book club


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