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Cleveland Offseason

Rumors, news, and other features that take place during the offseason.

Lockout blues? Stay positive with ~activities~

A quick guide to winter baseball shenanigans during a lockout

You be the GM: Build a plan to deliver a championship for the Cleveland Indians

Whether you want to win it all in 2020 or build for the future, show us what you’ve got, kid.

A case for the Cleveland Indians to trade Trevor Bauer and Corey Kluber simultaneously

The Indians could ensure that their championship window remains wide open for the next two seasons.

This article is about the bullpen of the 2018 Cleveland Indians

Consider yourself warned

Cleveland Indians to consider offers for Kluber, Carrasco, and other veterans

Lindor and Ramirez reportedly off-limits

Something needs upgrading, but what?

The Cleveland Indians finished with a winning record for the third season in a row, but finished 13.5 games behind the Royals and need to make some upgrades if they're going to win the AL Central in 2016. Which positions should they took to improve?

Post your offseason plans

Mike Chernoff has a lot on his plate in his first year as the Tribe's GM. Why don't you help him out a little?

Winter League numbers for Indians prospects

Winter Leagues around the Caribbean have concluded their regular seasons. The Indians had a number of prospects playing ball, some of whom did better than others.

A Christmas poem for Indians fans

Merry Christmas from Let's Go Tribe. Whether you're unwrapping presents all day or heading to the movies and then to your favorite Chinese restaurant for Christmas, we wish you a merry December 25th!

Indians sign LHP Downs to minor-league deal

That and other MLB news on this Sunday before Christmas.

If you could get rid of one AL Central player

The AL Central has added a lot of new faces this week. Teams seem to be getting better. Indians GM Chris Antonetti wishes good players wouldn't join the Tribe's rivals. If you could get rid of any one player in the division, who would it be?

Ranking the Indians by their trade value (Part 1)

Hot Stove season is in full swing. The Indians have already made one big trade, and others could be on the way. With that in mind, which member of the Indians has the highest trade value, considering talent, age, and contract?

Indians (finally) trade for Brandon Moss

The Cleveland Indians have traded for A's slugger Brandon Moss. Second base prospect Joe Wendle is headed to Oakland in the deal.

Sunday News dreams of getting a GIBBy

News from the Sunday before the Winter Meetings

Bullpen coach Kevin Cash hired to be Rays manager

Indians bullpen coach Kevin Cash has been hired by the Tampa Bay Rays to be their new manager. Cash had a big impact on the Tribe's success during the last two years, and will be missed.

Free Agent Relievers the Indians won't be signing

The best available free agent relievers, and whether the Indians will be interested in any of them

The Indians may need a DH - who can they target?

A number of names have already come off the top end of this list, but there are some intriguing options still out there, including one who has already been rumored be on Cleveland's radar.

Tribe tenders five arbitration-eligible players

Tuesday night was the deadline for MLB teams to decide whether or not to tender contracts to their arbitration-eligible players. The Indians will keep five such players, either working out a deal or going to an arbitration hearing with each of them.

Be glad the Indians have Yan Gomes

There are almost no good catchers available via free agency this offseason, so it's a good thing the Indians have that position covered by one of the best in baseball.

The free agent talent pool for 2B/SS is shallow

There aren't many high (or even medium) end shortstops or second baseman available on the free agent market this offseason, making for a seller's market that some teams would be wise to take advantage of.

Could the Indians have landed Josh Donaldson?

The Oakland A's traded All-Star third baseman to Toronto for Brett Lawrie and a trio of prospects. It's a return package with potential, but not an overwhelming amount. What would a similar offer from the Indians have looked like?

Free agent outfielders better than David Murphy

Looking at the free agent outfielders who will likely be better than David Murphy next season.

Looking at a suddenly thin 3B free agent market

Boston is trying to corner the market on free agent 3B, but is there anyone the Indians should go after? The rumor is they are in on one name.

Taking stock of the starting pitching market

Many of the big free agent position players have already agreed to a new contract, but the pitching market is a different story. Who are the big (and medium) fish? Among the medium (and small) fish, is there anyone the Indians should make a run at?

Sunday News: Indians acquire RHP Charles Brewer

The Indians add more starting pitching depth, acquiring Charles Brewer from the Diamondbacks for "cash considerations"

What would you give to be free of a bad contract?

The Cleveland Indians owe Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn a lot of money for the next two seasons, while neither of those two seems to be very good anymore. What would it take to be free of one (or both!) of those contracts?

Marcum gets another year to maybe help the Indians

For the second offseason in a row, the Cleveland Indians have signed right-handed pitcher Shaun Marcum to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

Sunday News thinks about the future

Corey Kluber's future, Robinson Cano's toe, and philosophical musings from the Winter Meetings

How much money do the Indians have to spend?

The Cleveland Indians have money to spend this offseason, but looking farther into the future you find a reason they might not bring in anyone too expensive.

It's official: Indians exercise option on Aviles

The Cleveland Indians have chosen to exercise their club option on Mike Aviles for the 2015 season. The utility man will make $3.5 million.


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