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Cleveland Baseball 2014 in Review

A look back at 2014 for individual members of the Cleveland Indians and key players from their farm system

Tribe used most pinch hitters in Central in 2014

We have reviewed each of the positions in the batting order. The remaining plate appearances are addressed here.

Stacking up the outfields of the AL Central

And now we take a look at the outfield as a whole, rather than by each position. And I don’t think it will look as pretty as the infield.

Stacking up the infields of the AL Central

Here we take a quick look at the infield as a whole, rather than by each position.

Michael Brantley makes left field a big strength

Michael Brantley's breakout 2014, which saw him go from solid player to MVP candidate, made left field a huge strength for the Cleveland Indians. Few teams in baseball can expect the same kind of production at the position.

Will Swisher rebound as the primary DH in 2015?

Next in the series we visit a pure power position, at least it is supposed to be a power position, the designated hitter.

Moving Santana to first proved fruitful in 2014

We wrap up the infield with a look at first base and the guy who can't seemingly hit 30 homers.

Ramirez's finish made shortstop a plus last year

The tour of the infield continues with shortstop, where the position was spilt amongst a veteran who was on his last run with Cleveland, and a rookie (but not the one everyone thought it would be).

Chisenhall's 2014 was both a strength & a weakness

After bringing everyone down with the last three positions, let’s see if we can find a better spot on the diamond, third base.

Kipnis' injury-filled 2014 made 2B a weakness

The Indians were a few wins away from the postseason in 2014, and their surprising weakness at second base was a big reason for that.

Bourn's season in center in 2014 was injury-filled

After a ghastly review of right field, how did center field stack up against the rest of the league?

Tribe right fielders pretty much stunk in 2014

We looked at possibly the best position, catcher, last time out. This time, we gander at the worst position, right field.

Tribe catchers were among the best in AL in 2014

The tools of ignorance were far from it for the Tribe’s collection of catchers in 2014.

My favorite game of 2014

We're looking back at our favorite Tribe games if 2014. Today's entry is the 2-0 win over Seattle on July 30, in which Corey Kluber out-dueled Felix Hernandez. (not to be confused with the Cy Young voting, in which Kluber also got the best of Felix!)

Best games of 2014: Instant replay triple play

On July 1st, the Indians turned a triple play like no one has ever seen before.

My favorite game of 2014

We're looking back at our favorite Tribe games if 2014. Today we highlight Josh Tomlin's masterpiece in SafeCo Field on June 28.

My Favorite Game of 2014

Lonnie Chisenhall's had an RBI single in his first at-bat on June 9. That was his worst at-bat of the night.

Best Games of 2014: Tribe wins on walk-off balk

Part of a series detailing the best games of the 2014 season.

Indians MVP Countdown - #1: Michael Brantley

Michael Brantley developed nicely in recent years, going from throw-in from the CC Sabathia trade to solid MLB player. In 2014 though, he made a quantum leap into the upper echelon up baseball's very best players. He's your 2014 Indians MVP.

Indians MVP Countdown - #2: Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber went from almost complete obscurity to solid mid-rotation starter in 2013, then went from solid mid-rotation starter to best pitcher in the American League in 2014. What a ride...

Indians MVP Countdown - #3: Yan Gomes

Yan Gomes grabbed the full-time catcher job in late 2013 and a big new contract in the off-season. Then he went out and spent six months making it clear that he deserves both (and then some).

Indians MVP Countdown - #4: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana started the year as a third baseman who also played catcher. It didn't go well. After a concussion in late May, he moved to first base and turned in another very good year at the plate, powered by the best walk rate in baseball.

And the winners are...

Over the last couple weeks Let's Go Tribe readers were asked to vote in a number of different categories, including funniest moment, biggest hit, and pitching performance. Today the winners are announced.

Indians MVP Countdown - #5: Carlos Carrasco

Most Tribe fans were sick and tired of seeing the untapped potential of Carlos Carrasco, but by the end of the season, he had become the second best starter in the rotation, with a stretch as nearly as dominant as Kluber.

Indians MVP Countdown - #6: Lonnie Chisenhall

After making the club out of Spring Training, Lonnie Chisenhall locked up third base with a white-hot start to the 2014 campaign.

Indians MVP Countdown - #7: Cody Allen

Our countdown of the best of the Indians in 2014 moves to #7 today, with Cody Allen, who should be a fixture in the 9th for Terry Francona for the foreseeable future.

Indians MVP Countdown - #8: Jose Ramirez

We continue our countdown of the best Indians of 2014 with #8, Jose Ramirez, who managed to make some fans believe the Tribe should trade top prospect Francisco Lindor and leave Ramirez at shortstop.

Choose the best Tribe pitching performance of 2014

The Indians had a number of really good pitching performances in 2014, a few of which weren't even by Corey Kluber. Which performance was the very best? Help us decide by strolling down memory lane and voting for your favorite.

Indians MVP Countdown - #9: T.J. House

At the beginning of 2014, T.J. House was probably eighth or ninth on the starting pitcher depth chart, but it could be argued he was the third or fourth best starter as the season ended.

Indians MVP Countdown - #10: Scott Atchison

Scott Atchison felt like a longshot to help much when the season began, but turned out to be a key member of the Tribe bullpen.

Trevor Bauer: Rotation Fixture

The return in the Shin-Soo Choo trade has set himself up to be al long-time member of the Indians starting five.

Bryan Shaw, bullpen workhorse

But those league-leading 80 appearances could have an detrimental effect in 2015.

Salazar's potential exceeded his results this year

Danny Salazar has electric stuff, and on certain days (or during certain innings) he looks incredible. His 2014 season as a whole though was disappointing, and Indians fans have to hope he can put things together more consistently in 2015.