4/27 Starting Lineup vs. Kansas City Royals


We're heading towards the cliff, ladies and gentlemen. Can the Tribe hit the breaks and alter the course before we go careening into the abyss? Only one way to find out!

Starting Lineup 4/26 vs. Detroit Tigers


We can do this, right?! We can take 2 of 3 from Detroit IN Detroit?! Call me crazy, but I think we have a shot!

Ken Tremendous strikes again


Michael Schur, AKA "Ken Tremendous" from the late, great baseball site, Fire Joe Morgan, worked a great baseball reference into Tuesday night's season premiere of Parks and Recreation.

Apparently, Virtual Tito hates happiness


When my character got injured in MLB 14: The Show, Virtual Tito thought this was a good idea. I hope real Tito is never this masochistic.

Carlos Santana has really let himself go.


Carlos Santana is on Twitter at @CS41MLB and also seems to be enjoying his downtime before participating in an exhibition series in Japan next month.

In Tito We Trust


My newest design in tribute to Tito and the Tribe that I wanted to share with my fellow tribe fans.

Discussion of New FAs (Gutierrez, Westbrook, Johan)


Gutierrez will cost less than Stubbs. But is he healthy?

Chris Perez with Chris Perez teeth


I'm not sure why this exists, but it does. (via @flipflopflying)