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Indians Game Thread (Tuesday): Zach McAllister to start, Santana at 3B

The Indians host the White Sox in today's Cactus League action.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians host the White Sox in today's Cactus League action. First pitch is scheduled for 3:05 ET. The game will not be televised, but and the only audio listed in through MLB.TV. I'm not sure if that means WTAM is not carrying the game today, or if they're just not listed for some reason.

Zach McAllister will start for the Indians, likely throwing 2 innings. In his first appearance of spring training, he pitched two no-hit innings; hopefully he keeps that strong beginning going this afternoon. I've not yet seen an announcement of which other starting pitcher will follow McAllister, but Justin Masterson and Josh Tomlin are the likely candidates, as neither has pitched for a few days.

Today's starting lineup:

1) Michael Bourn (CF)

2) Nick Swisher (1B)

3) Jason Kipnis (2B)

4) Carlos Santana (3B)

5) Michael Brantley (LF)

6) Asdrubal Cabrera (DH)

7) Yan Gomes (C)

8) David Murphy (RF)

9) Mike Aviles (SS)

In Santana's last outing at third base, he made a throwing error on his only play of the game. Hopefully he gets another opportunity or two today, with better results.

Some members of the team (mostly NRIs) are also playing a "B" game against the Angels. If anything notable happens there, we'll pass it along.