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Michael Bourn expected to miss at least a week with hamstring injury

This isn't awful news, but it's not good either.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bourn is expected to be out at least a week after suffering a strained left hamstring in Sunday's game, but Bourn is optimistic he'll be ready by Opening Day, according to's Marla Ridenour.

"I tweaked it as I was going (from) first to third. It feels much better today, doesn't hurt as much. They're going to take it slow with me, of course."

Obviously the news could be worse. Players do strain muscles, and players do regularly return after only a few days rest. On the other hand, Bourn was bothered by the same hamstring last season (though he says this is in a different spot), and he had surgery to repair it the week after the season ended. That he's already bothered by it again so soon seems like a bad sign to me, especially as without his speed, Bourn would likely be a below average player, which means if upon his return he's limited in how much he can run, or his speed is much diminished, the Indians are on the hook for a lot of money for a player with little chance of providing value.

Nyjer Morgan has been nursing a leg injury of his own for the last week, but he's apparently expected to return to the field in the next couple days. If Bourn isn't ready by Opening Day, Morgan can play center for a while, or Michael Brantley could slide back over, and David Murphy and/or Ryan Raburn could be moved over to left, with Jeff Francoeur playing in right. Mike Aviles and Elliot Johnson have also spent time in the outfield this spring, so there are quite a few options, really.

None of them is as appealing as Bourn being 100% and ready to go though, so let's hope for that.