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This is a Nick Sandlin appreciation post

If you don’t like Nick Sandlin, you can get the hell out (or read this article)

José Ramírez is beginning to peak

... and when he does, you’ll know.

How Triston McKenzie set a new Cleveland record for consecutive strikeouts

McKenzie dominated a lineup over three innings to a level that we’ve rarely seen before

Cleveland is Schrödinger’s baseball team

They’re good, or bad, depending on when you see them

Cleveland needs Eddie Rosario to get hot — right now

Eddie Rosario is having the worst stretch of his career at the worst possible time

Franmil Reyes’ injury puts Cleveland at a crossroads

Should the team’s surprise contention spur acquisition, or is it time for a full rebuild?

How Owen Miller fits in Cleveland

Owen Miller is a major leaguer — now what?

Why Owen Miller’s promotion may connect the dots

There are patterns, and they point toward Cleveland targeting the same thing for thirty years.

Here’s what scouts think of Owen Miller

Cleveland’s newest infielder has surpassed expectations at every level

Is dominant pitching keeping prospects in the minors?

Perhaps this Year of the Pitcher 2.0 is helping struggling Cleveland hitters keep a roster spot

Feeling pretty good about Josh Naylor

He still might turn into something good!

The future may not be now for Andrés Giménez

The 22-year-old shortstop’s struggles at the plate could warrant a trip to Columbus

Shane Bieber has reportedly received multiple long-term offers from Cleveland

Suspiciously absent from the information Cleveland leaked to Jon Heyman was any kind of dollar amount

Zach Plesac is getting better by getting down

Using the fastball less has helped Plesac force more groundballs and confound more hitters

Nick Sandlin is immediately great

He’s got the stuff

Should Cleveland consider signing Albert Pujols?

The future Hall of Famer will be a free agent after he clears waivers — should Cleveland give him a call?

Make room for Owen Miller

Owen Miller is knocking on the door. It’s time to open it.

5 silver linings from Daniel Johnson’s 5-strikeout game

DJ got the worst game of his career out of the way early

Aaron Civale’s fastball could be the way

To success, I mean — and avoiding hard hits and stuff

Cleveland batters continue to struggle against changeups

Just gotta keep grinding

Sometimes it’s the struggle that makes the fan

Josh Naylor could be good; the path to that is what makes a fan favorite

Maybe it’s time to unleash Jordan Luplow

A look at why Luplow struggles against righties, and a plea to give him a shot at figuring it out

Where is Shane Bieber’s cutter?

This isn’t even his final form

Embrace the changes coming to MLB

MLB does need to change, and the Atlantic League rules could be good for the game

Cleveland’s worst-case scenario has already happened

When you build your offense around a lot of wild cards, there’s a good chance they’ll all struggle at once

A look at some of Cleveland’s changing spin rates

The investigation into Trevor Bauer’s use of substances raises questions for all teams

Finding the perfect platoon partner for Jordan Luplow

Jordan Luplow could use a friend when a right-hander is on the mound

Multi-homer games are nothing new for José Ramírez

Yesterday marked the 17th multi-homer game for José Ramírez. It surely won’t be his last

Cleveland’s process is on track, even if the results aren’t there yet

Loud outs — they’re the worst!

New day, new faces, and that same old game

That yearly joy is back, let’s see what the new guys can do

Cleveland fans make some questionable beer choices

Why is Miller Lite the most consumed beer at Progressive Field?

Daniel Johnson optioned to Triple-A, won’t make Opening Day roster

An unexpected, but also completely expected development


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