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Cleveland Indians 2017 in Review

2017 in review: Trevor Bauer

Could Trevor Bauer finally be turning into the ace that we thought he’d be?

2017 in review: Roberto Perez

Is elite pitch framing, solid game calling, and a cannon for an arm enough to justify Roberto’s presence in the lineup?

The promise of Yandy Diaz

We caught glimpses of it in 2017. Will it lift off in 2018?

2017 in Review: Michael Brantley

What’s past is prologue, but which past will Brantley draw from?

2017 in Review: Cody Allen

He’s no Andrew Miller, but the elite closer is just a notch below.

2017 in Review: Carlos Carrasco

Man he’s great.

2017 in Review: Carlos Santana

Santana finished perhaps his final season with the Indians strong.

2017 in Review: Austin Jackson

He also made one of the most spectacular defensive plays of all-time.

2017 in Review: Yan Gomes

It’s a season in review article, in case you couldn’t tell.

2017 in Review: Danny Salazar

What does the future hold for the flame-throwing right hander?

2017 in Review: Bryan Shaw

Our year in review of the most-used reliever in baseball comes from a possible, terrifying future.

2017 in Review: Bradley Zimmer

A broken hand cut it short, but Bradley Zimmer had an impressive rookie year.

2017 in Review: Corey Kluber

Or, #CyKluber.

2017 in Review: Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller was merely amazing this season.

2017 in Review: Jason Kipnis

Inconsistency and injuries ruined what should have been a solid year for the veteran leader.

2017 in Review: Francisco Lindor

A new swing and a new emotion emerged in the land of Francsico Lindor this season.