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Cleveland Indians 2016 Preview

AL Central Projections: The Entire Roster

With the season almost upon us, most of the teams have made their decisions on their 25 man rosters. Let’s take one more pass covering all the expected players on the rosters.

Corey Kluber vs. David Price could be a playoff preview

A lot can change over the course of the season, but these are two teams on the cusp of being great.

AL Central Projections: Pitching Staff

With each of the pitching areas summarized, let us combine all into one succinct summary.

AL Central Projections: Bullpen

With the rotations complete, we move onto the final positional group, the bullpen. Will the Tribe bullpen look great or poor compared to their divisional rivals?

Injuries, regression, and freak natural disasters

Fans want the Tribe to bring home a World Series title. Here are some awful things that might prevent it.

Full 2016 Indians Preview

They may not be a 100-win team, but this Indians squad is built to compete all season long.

Potential Tribe milestones in 2016

Michael Brantley, Mike Napoli, Juan Uribe, Corey Kluber, and Carlos Santana are among the Cleveland Indians who could reach some career milestones in 2016. Meanwhile, Jason Kipnis could do something even... maybe not bigger, but definitely weirder.

AL Central Projections: Back of Rotation

Unsurprisingly, the Tribe is projected to be the best front end of the rotation. Will that hold true for the back end of the rotation as well?

Most compelling Indians storylines to watch in 2016

What to watch when for inbetween at-bats.

Big things are in store for Danny Salazar in 2016

2016 is going to be the season that the entirety of baseballdom stops and regards the greatness that Danny Salazar will assume. Hopefully anyway.

Jason Kipnis: up, down, up... hopefully up again

Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis was one of the best players at his position in 2013 and 2015, but in the season between those two years, he struggled. Can he break that pattern? The Tribe's 2016 postseason hopes might depend on it.

AL Central Projections: Front of Rotation

Now that we have hashed through the hitters in great detail, let us move onto the topic every Indian fan loves (at least currently), the starting rotation.

Top prospects to watch in 2016

Unless you have time to keep track of hundreds of prospects throughout the season, you are going to need to narrow down who you should be focusing on. I'm here to help you do that.

The April struggles of the Cleveland Indians

April continues to be the cruelest month for the Tribe. As the team approaches Opening Day, there are a few concerns that must be discussed.

Impact of Tribe's biggest offseason moves

Believe it or not, the Indians made quite a few signings this offseasons. How will the biggest ones impact the team in 2016?

AL Central Projections: Position Players

After wrapping up with the folly that is the bench, we now have covered all of the position players for each AL Central club. So let us now review just how dire the Tribe is when it comes to position players.

AL Central Projections: Bench Players

So far we have covered the expected starting position players and their projections. But what about the all important role players?

AL Central Projections: Outfield/Designated Hitter

With the completion of the outfield and designated hitter position, let’s take a quick peek at how the division stacks up as a whole.

AL Central Projections: Designated Hitter

In recent years it has seemed as thought the full-time DH was going out of fashion, but in the American League Central this year, that trend may be reversing.

AL Central Projections: Right field

Michael Brantley could return to his 2014 level and center field is likely a lost cause until Bradley Zimmer arrives. But, how does Lonnie Chisenhall stack up in the division?

AL Central Projections: Center field

Heading into this offseason, the Tribe was likely going to give Abraham Almonte his shot at playing every day. But that plan has been suspended.

AL Central Projections: Left field

After wrapping up the infield, we now shift our attention the outfield in the AL Central.

AL Central Projections: Infield

So now that we have completed just over half of the positions, let’s see how the Tribe stacks up amongst the other AL Central Rivals.

AL Central Projections: Catcher

Yan Gomes could not repeat his 2014 due to playing injured most of the season. How will he project amongst the rest of the AL Central catchers?

Al Central Projections: First Base

We have moved around the infield from left to right, leaving just first base to review. So let’s see how Mike Napoli will rank against the other AL Central first baseman

Al Central Projections: Second Base

So far we have seen third base at the bottom and shortstop at the top of the AL Central rankings. How does Jason Kipnis rank amongst the other second basemen?

Al Central Projections: Shortstop

Moving around the infield, we shift from third base to shortstop, home to one of the more exciting players in the league, Francisco Lindor.

Al Central Projections: Third Base

Giovanny Urshela will likely open as the Tribe third baseman. How would you rank him amongst the rest of the AL Central?


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