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The Indians have played a lot of extra innings in 2014

In the last two weeks, the Indians played 4 extra-inning games, bringing their season total to 19 so far. That seems like a lot for one season.

Let the waterworks begin ...
Let the waterworks begin ...
Jason Miller

The Tribe won three of their 4 extra-inning games in the past two weeks, bringing their record to an impressive 12-7 in the 19 such games this year. This puts them on a pace for 21 extra-inning games this year. If that seems like more than normal, that's because it is. The last season the Indians had that many extra-inning games was back in 2007, when they went 11-8. This season is already tied for the second most extra-inning games in the past quarter century for the team. The only season that outnumbers is was 2004, when they went 11-13 in 24 extra-inning games.

The current 0.632 winning percentage in 2014 is the team's third best percentage in the past 25 years. In case you forgot, last year was a phenomenal success to these games, when Francona's minions went 10-2. But the 1995 juggernaut was even better, finishing a perfect 13-0. Amazing.

On the flip side, let's just agree to forget the 1993 and 1989 squads, who finished 2-12 and 3-15 respectively.

Back to this year... Even though the Indians have a very good record, they have only outscored the opposition 24-20 after the 9th inning has ended. Of course, much of that is due that Detroit explosion in the last series. Last year the Indians outscored the opposition 20-6 in extras. In that perfect 1995 season, they outscored the opposition 18-3. Man, do I miss the good old days.

Sit back, enjoy the rest of the season. The odds of getting 6 more extra-inning games in the final 18 games to break the franchise record is a long shot, but it could happen. Either way, most of us enjoy the free baseball.