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How is Indians manager Terry Francona doing so far in 2014?

The team has certainly been a disappointment so far this season, but is Tito living up to your expectations?

Thearon W. Henderson

We're now one month into the season, and after a so-so first 22 games, the last week has been brutal. The Indians are riding a six-game losing streak into May, and find themselves in last place, 5.5 games behind Detroit. The starting rotation is in the bottom half of the league in innings per start, and has the third-worst ERA in the AL; the offense is second-to-last in runs per game, with the American League's lowest slugging percentage, and the defense has been probably the worst in all of MLB. Like the man once said, "How did we ever win 11?"

Games are played by players, but how much of the blame for what's going wrong do you place at manager Terry Francona's feet?

I thought it would be interesting to take the community's temperature on Francona (I'd still be doing this if the Indians were 16-11 instead, for what that's worth). You are free to consider whatever factors you want (though I'd advise you to stick to ones that Francona has some impact on... it's not his fault the new Johnny Depp movie got such bad reviews). Did he make the right roster decisions coming out of spring training? Is he playing the right guys the right amount of the time? Have his tactics been sound?

The poll question gives you three broad options, "approve," disapprove," and "on the fence." Please feel free to expand on your response in the comments, citing particular moves you've liked/disliked, etc.