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Indians fans apologize to David Murphy

A fanbase tried to make amends...

Jonathan Daniel

There were mixed reactions when the Indians signed David Murphy to a 2-year, $12-million deal in November. In Murphy, some saw a player who'd been an above average hitter almost every year of his career, saw a BABIP 75 points below his career figure last year and figured he was due for a rebound. Some saw his platoon splits and figured that (paired with Ryan Raburn) he represented an upgrade for the Tribe at a weak position. Others saw a player who posted the worst season of his career in 2013, who'd just turned 32, and figured he was the second coming of David Dellucci (who was below replacement level for the Tribe over the course of three season after being signed as a free agent).

Murphy has been heavily criticized by fans for most of this season's first two weeks, after he put up poor numbers in spring training and went just 2 for 14 through the season's first six days. He had 4 hits last Sunday, and 2 more on Tuesday, including his first home run with the team.Yesterday Murphy homered again, tying the game in the 4th, and then he broke the game open with a bases-loaded triple in the 9th that effectively ended the game. Most fans weren't won over by the first two good games, but (three times the charm) Sunday things finally changed.

Tribe fans on Twitter were taking back what they'd said:

Some felt an apology was in order:

Some felt the need to thank a high power:

While others wondered if David Murphy is a higher power:

At the moment, Murphy has the best offensive numbers of any player on the team, leading the Tribe in slugging (.636), OPS (.970), HR (2), 3B (1), and RBI (10). It seems Murphy also leads the team in new fans.