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Watch the light leave my eyes over 162 games.

6/4 Game Thread: Guardians at Orioles

What if they just hang out around the mound and grill, though?

Gavin Williams and Rodney Boone created art

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for Saturday, June 4, 2022

Ramírez and Giménez lead Guardians past Royals 7-3

Also, Good Plesac

5/30 Game Thread: Guardians vs. Royals

Also, it is Memorial Day

Guardians fall 2-1 despite fine start from McKenzie

I blame Mitchell Q. Hertzschild of Sioux Falls

5/28 Game Thread - Guardians vs. Tigers

Sunday in Motown

McKenzie and Maile brilliant as Cleveland outshines Houston 6-1

Such clarity! Such lumosity!

5/23 Game Thread: Guardians vs. Astros

no memes

George Valera homered once again

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for Saturday, May 21 2022

Guardians lose baseball game due to slightly inferior baseball

One baseball in particular. I’m gonna find it. I’m gonna bring it back here and we’re gonna make it squeal, y’hear?