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Watch the light leave my eyes over 162 games.

Bieber buckles down birds for 7-2 victory

The Blue Jays scored twice but failed to find rhythm against Cleveland’s ace.

8/14 Game Thread: Guardians @ Blue Jays

Shane Bieber, hotter than a 104 fever

Philosophical Bunting Vol. V

Protagoras got kinda screwed in this headshot, no?

Triston McKenzie powers down Houston in 1-0 win

Eight innings. Ninety-one pitches. ONE TREMENDOUS GAME.

Guardians sink Shane McClanahan en route to 5-3 win

The Rays’ All-Star left after allowing three but both runners left aboard scored thanks to Austin Hedges.

7/31 Game Thread: Guardians at Rays

Return of the Shaw

Quality Triple-A bats continue to mash

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for July 29, 2022

Philosophical Bunting Vol. IV

Anaximander slugged .671 as a second basemen before introducing cosmology to The West

Guardians fall short as White Sox unfazed by Shane Bieber

And thus concludes a Chicago weekend

7/24 Game Thread: Guardians at White Sox

It is Shane Bieber and Dylan Cease. It is Sunday. Enjoy.