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Watch the light leave my eyes over 162 games.

Cleveland crushes New York, 11-1

José Ramírez continues to torment the Yankees

9/19 Game Thread - Cleveland @ Yankees

Game thread late on account of pie

Affiliates [nearly] swept but Will Dion kept dealing anyway

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for Sept. 17, 2021

Brewers tidy up in Cleveland

The 11-1 defeat completes a weekend sweep

9/12 Game Thread: Cleveland vs. Milwaukee

Let there be hits.

Lynchburg lone winners on Friday

Cleveland Guardians minor league recap for Sept. 10, 2021

LITERARY SUBMISSION: NFT Listing - a short story

by Gaston Henri, PhD

Cleveland buries Boston 11-5 with ninth inning barrage

Franmil Reyes murdered yet another of the Rawlings clan

9/5 Game Thread - Cleveland @ Boston

Let us win

Philosophical Bunting

Plato slashed .307/.423/.675 in 399 BC, incidentally