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Watch the light leave my eyes over 162 games.

Baseball Gardens

A Sunday Reflection

When the rain washes you clean

A Sunday reflection

Guardians MVP #8: Oscar Gonzalez

SpongeBob Williams, perhaps?

Harrison Bader’s blast paces Yankees past Guardians to force a Game 5

This is what we asked for way back in April, isn’t it?

ALDS Game 4 Thread: Guardians vs. Yankees

A win pushes the Guardians into the ALCS

10/3 Game Thread: Guardians vs. Royals

Enjoy baseball. Play Coca-Cola.

Guardians grab win with 7-5 defeat of Royals

Scientific fact: They’re just not ever going to lose again, twerp

10/2 Game Thread: Guardians vs. Royals

Bo Naylor makes his first career start


The Cleveland Guardians clinch the American League Central

9/25 Game Thread: Guardians at Rangers

The division hangs in the balance