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A look at all 9 Madduxes in Indians history

On Saturday Corey Kluber became only the second pitcher to throw multiple Madduxes for the Indians

Omar Vizquel doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame

There’s no shame in having been good, but not Hall of Fame good, which is exactly how we should describe Omar Vizquel.

Let’s Talk Tribe #78: The only good thing

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, we discuss some unfortunate injuries, Jay Bruce’s greatness, Mets misery, Corey Kluber’s Cy Young chances, your questions, and more!

Bradley Zimmer shouldn’t get a free pass for his decision not to hustle

When some players don’t run a ball out, they get raked over the coals. Other players do it and everyone shrugs.

Let’s Talk Tribe #77: Joe goes to Cleveland

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, Matt and Jason talk the Joe Smith acquisition, the rest of the trade deadline, fear (or lack of fear) of the Royals, Bryan Shaw’s divisiveness, Francisco Mejia’s untouchability, your questions, and more!

Let’s Talk Tribe #76: Trade deadline cometh

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Tribe, Matt and Jason talk trade deadline, what the Indians should (and should not) get, Carlos Santana’s re-emergence, Corey Kluber’s greatness, Kelly Smith’s outstanding FanPost, and more!

Let’s Talk Tribe #75: It’s a Gray area

Not panicking about the Indians, what to do at the deadline, Abe’s big dinger, a Giants preview, your questions, and more!

New documentary on ‘90s Indians brings back the joy and the heartbreak

The Dynasty That Almost Was airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET on MLB Network.

Let’s Talk Tribe #74: Jose Ramirez the GOAT

All-Star weekend, unfortunate injuries, the AL Central race, Jose Ramirez's rise to stardom, a Marlin's Park-load of your questions, and much more!.

Let’s Talk Tribe #73: Total domination

In this week’s episode, Matt and Jason discuss the big month from Edwin Encarnacion, the weakening AL Central, cannons in the Tribe outfield, a preview of the Orioles, your questions, and much more!