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The Academy of Bunting Sciences

In-depth research about sacrifice bunting

I am not thankful for the following things

Time to ramp up offseason mode

Guardians to debut fusion-powered t-shirt cannon

Heads up, kids

Mustard, Relish nailed in PED sting

The struggling sausages each recieved a 50-race ban from the office of the Cornissioner

Scooter Recovery Task Force

Please apply within

Scooter Quaday boots another one

So much for extra innings

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The Academy is now looking for free labor

We cannot offer any payment and you will likely be murdered. Sound good?

AAU players and coaches find god in rabbit nest

We’re just going to invent the uplifting stories, now



Lines break late as Guardians fall 3-0 in LA

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee

4/18 Game Thread: Rained Out

There is no game, and so there is no thread. This is the game thread.

The 37th Annual Covering the Corner Spring Training Polling Station

Kenny Lofton was supposed to host this during primetime but then I remembered the Academy doesn’t exist.

Local Bunter Punished for Desecrating Holy Site

Timothy McScottsburn to run 100 poles for squaring up in the batting cage

Richie Palacios is our No. 9 Guardians prospect. Who should be No. 10?

An advanced bat and a versatile glove make Palacios an intriguing watch in 2022

A conversation with Emmanuel Clase’s Cutter

Emmanuel Clase’s Cutter is a danger to society and the fabric of America’s pastime. We sat down with it to try and get to the bottom of why it moves the way it does.

Bemused coach unable to dislodge child from bucket

"He did what I asked him to, I guess?"

Squirrel family planning mischief for home opener

Little Bucky wants to meet Josh Naylor

Rabid Cleveland fan not even mad at Miguel Cabrera

"I can’t even drive in the snow and he’s hitting dingers."

Rookie baseball terrified of Bobby Bradley

"I saw what he did to my friends. Are you kidding me?"

Favorite athlete betrays area man

Bystander’s ears still ringing

Tom Hamilton just out here speaking poetry in March

When you’re a legend you’re always on

What if Cleveland forced Bryan Shaw to pitch at age 64?

Every game he’ll warm up somewhere in between the 5th and the 8th, if it’s not too near.

A brief survey of Major League Eddies

We now have the 13th-best Eddie in MLB History

Ill-considered headline that causes chaos

The analysis that follows is just plain bad

Which Spiders had better names than “Spiders”?

Spoiler alert: Almost all of them.

Please take our sample poll on polling samples

This is hard science

Please take part in our polling sample on sample polling

Seriously though, help us out

Tribe or Treat: Terribly great ways to work the Indians into your Halloween

I’ll send a bag of candy to anyone who provides proof of dressing as my Franmil Reyes idea

To which Avatar: The Last Airbender nation would various Indians players belong?

Everything changed when the Minnesota Twins attacked

How much does all this bunting cost, anyway?

Putting exact numbers to the Indians’ tendency to give away outs

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The Curious Case of Ty Van Burkleo

Another fine publication by the Academy of Bunting Sciences

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Investigating Sacrifice Hits

The Academy of Bunting Sciences is open for business.

Bobby Bradley blessed us with the best finger guns yet

The Assassin showed off the pewers after his double yesterday


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