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A close examination

Carlos Santana’s patience and approach led to fireworks against the Red Sox

A Close Examination of the walk-off home run and reactions to it

A close examination of Abraham Almonte’s “505-foot” home run

How far did it really fly? Let’s Go Tribe investigates.

Yandy Diaz flexed his muscles and blasted his first career home run

I think the #FreeYandy crowd got more excited than he did.

Shane Bieber, renowned slugger, hit a double in his first game at the plate

Don’t throw this slugger first-pitch meatballs.

Fulfilling every child’s dream, Michael Brantley went deep with the bases loaded and two out

A Close Examination of Brantley’s grand slam that gave the Indians hope when they needed it most.

Francisco Lindor went deep in Puerto Rico and it was spectacular

A Close Examination of Francisco Lindor’s emotional home run in front of a home crowd.

A close examination of my mental state as a Cleveland Indians fan

I survived last night’s game. I’m not sure how.

Not all walk-offs are created equal

This one caused a certain unalienable delight, and we’re going to give it a Close Examination.

Austin Jackson accidentally revealed his superpowers against the Red Sox

This week’s close examination is one of the best catches I’ve ever seen.

Pitching to Buster Posey was probably a bad idea

Or, how the Indians gave away a win yesterday.

Erik Gonzalez and the search for second base

It’s tricky, you know? Bases are always darting around.

Jose Ramirez tagged up and scored on a pop-up to second base yesterday

Blink, and the Angry Hamster just might zoom past you to score a run.

A close examination of Michael Brantley’s walk-off double

Featuring a bumbling Melky Cabrera.

A close examination: Andrew Miller in relief

He is the deadliest when he appears most vulnerable.

A close examination: Kipnis's dive, Santana's bunt

Matt Schlichting breaks down Jason Kipnis's inning-ending web gem and Carlos Santana's leadoff bunt from game 1 of the ALCS

A close examination: Perez tagging out Holt

A close examination of Brock Holt's assassination by the hero Roberto Perez.

Farrell vs. Francona in the ALDS

We need to consider everything possible.

A Close Examination: You know damn well which play

Two consecutive game-winning hits, one insane celebration. It's time for a close examination.

A Close Examination: Rajai and the "slug bunt"

In the bottom of the ninth in a tie game, Rajai Davis turned a sacrifice bunt into a single to load the bases and fan the flames of a Tribe rally.

Lonnie Chisenhall, baserunning innovator

Lonnie Chisenhall turned a double into an out by trying to go from third to second. Yes, you read that correctly. Here's a close examination of the play.

Close Examination: Bryan Shaw's bottom 9th blunder

In the bottom of the ninth inning in Saturday night's game, Bryan Shaw surrendered a walk-off single to Yunel Escobar. This is a close examination of how it came to pass.

Lonnie Chisenhall gunned down Cheslor Cuthbert

In the seventh inning of Friday night's game against the Royals, Lonnie Chisenhall threw out Cheslor Cuthbert at second base. This is a close examination of that play.

Close Examination: Chisentriple

Lonnie Chisenhall of the Cleveland Indians hit a two-run triple in the second inning of yesterday's game against the Chicago White Sox. Let's take an entirely too-close look at the pay.

Close examination: Ramirez's helmet-kicking double

Monday night, Jose Ramirez rainbow flicked his helmet while sliding in to second base under a Carlos Correa tag.

Close examination: Corey Kluber's Double

Corey Kluber lined a two-out, two-strike double to left field in the top of the fifth on Friday night. Here is an in-depth look at the events as they unfolded.

A close examination: Francisco Lindor's double

Francisco Lindor roped a double against an otherwise unhittable Steven Matz on Sunday.

Yan Gomes embarrassed Avisail Garcia

Yan Gomes picked Avisail Garcia in the bottom of the 2nd during Friday night's game against the White Sox. Let's take a moment to examine it a bit more closely.