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News and Notes: Twins Sign an Old Friend

News and Notes for Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians-Game Two David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins signed Carlos Santana to a one-year $5.25 million deal. Santana still takes walks, hits lefties and plays good first base defense, and I’d bet he’ll do that for Minnesota.

Bally’s and the Guardians have a agreed to a deal for the broadcast group to carry Guardians games for 2024. Exact details of the deal have not yet been reported.

The Guardians are not able to do anything with their streaming rights for 2024, but they still hold those rights. I imagine this season will involve a lot of figuring out the plan for streaming and broadcasting for the future, which is why I would not expect any additional spending aside from MAYBE a modest extension or two.

Yesterday was Truck Day! The Equipment Truck left Progressive Field for Goodyear, Arizona.