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N&N: Justin Turner, Anthony Banda and... The Orioles change hands

Morning news and notes for January 31

Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles, 2009 Spring Training
deceptive photo alert
Set Number: X81983 TK3 R1 F347

The Guardians did make some minor moves yesterday, but it wasn’t the biggest baseball news of the day:

• The Orioles were reportedly sold for $1.75B. These teams that “can’t afford to sign players” sure are worth a lot of money.

• Justin Turner is headed to the Blue Jays, for one year at $13M

• the Guards signed Anthony Banda and Dom Nuñez to minor league deals

• The Royals signed Adam Frazier and traded Samad Taylor to Seattle.

• Greg Allen is MILB Yankee again. That’s too bad.

• The Cubs signed Richard Lovelady to a MILB deal. We mention this only because his name is Richard Lovelady.