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N&N: Why are things happening? Isn’t this Major League Baseball?

Morning news and notes—January 24, 2024

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Indians
  • Adrián Beltré, Todd Helton and Joe Mauer were announced as the next group of players going into Cooperstown yesterday.
  • The Nationals took a smart gamble on Joey Gallo. Know anybody else who could use some cheap power?
  • Rhys Hoskins signed with the Brewers.
  • Miguel Sano signed with the Angels. Remember him?

LGFT sightings in the news

  • Noah Syndergaard could land with the Pirates or Padres.
  • Matt Moore got a phone call from the Angels. He thought “I thought you broke up with me.” They offered 9 million dollars. He thought “Gosh, you’re so stupid.” He signed with the Angels.
  • Daniel Johnson took his jet for a spin and ended the night an Oriole. (MiLB contract.)
  • Alfonso Rivas was DFA’d by the Angels.