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News and Notes: Scott Boras Reportedly Wants $30 Million a Year for 9 Years for Blake Snell

News and Notes for Friday, January 19th, 2024

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Dodgers Game Photo by Jerritt Clark/GC Images

Nothing happened in MLB yesterday, but we did hear that Scott Boras is reportedly asking for 9 years and $270 million to sign Blake Snell.

I doubt that number is entirely accurate, as it is likely a leak from a team, not Boras. Part of me thinks the delay in free agency moves is due to quasi-team collusion, with owners deciding enough is enough of over-spending on mid-tier players. The other part of me says that agents like Boras aren’t being realistic about a mediocre class of free agents for 2024. It’s probably some combination of those factors, as well as the Bally Sports negotiation delays.

Davy Andrews of FanGraphs offered a little bit of a follow-up on his Emmanuel Clase article from earlier in the week. Essentially, a lowered arm release isn’t a big deal, but if it lowers even further this year, it may be, as they say, time to panic.

The always excellent Justin Lada of Locked on Guardians and Next Year in Cleveland joined T.J. Zuppe and Zack Meisel for a crossover podcast/Youtube episode on the Selby is Godcast, the gold standard for Guardians’ podcasts. Check it out!

Brayan Rocchio had a hit last night in the Venezuelan Winter League. He has, overall, cooled off a bit in the playoffs, however.