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The CTC Team has Grown! Introducing Our New Writers.

Covering the Corner to add 4 new contributors

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Kansas City Royals Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We have an announcement to make! The Covering the Corner team has grown. As of Monday, October 2nd we will be adding 4 new writers to the CTC staff. Each person brings a unique skillset and I fully expect them all to help us produce great content on a more frequent basis.

Please give a warm welcome to

Zach Fuerhoff: @phenoMVP on Twitter

Brendan Walsh: @Cle_Brendan52 on Twitter

Eli Seitz: @EliSeitz10 on Twitter

Matt Seese: @BelowAverageOPS on Twitter

We’re beyond excited to welcome these writers to the team and look forward to the content that they create.