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Reasons to Pay Attention to the Last Series of the Guardians 2023 Season

The Tigers and Guardians will play for all (none) of the marbles

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Guardians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Guardians and Tigers are both bad baseball teams about to finish disappointing seasons. So, why should you pay attention to these final three games? Here are some reasons:

1. A Tigers fan on Twitter in April wanted to bet me $1K that the Tigers would finish ahead of the Guardians and I'd like to be able to say I'd won that bet.

Look, I know for MLB draft purposes, it's fine if the Tigers take two of three and finish ahead of the Guardians. But, I dislike the Tigers only fourth behind the Yankees, White Sox, and Astros. They're from Michigan and as a person born and raised for my formative young years in Columbus, Ohio, I have a natural resentment for all things Michigan. Let's keep the Tigers in third place, Guards.

2. See José Ramírez hit his 25th home run so he can have a 25/25 season.

José has had a little decline this year but he's still amazing. I'd like to see that 25/25 number for future old school Hall of Fame voters purposes.

3. Give Brayan Rocchio and José Tena a confidence boost heading into their offseasons.

It's disappointing that Gabriel Arias broke his wrist, but while I wish him a speedy recovery, I hope the two shortstops here in his place can have some memorable moments to hold on to entering their offseason training and playing programs. They had a good start on this goal on Wednesday night, with three hits and a walk between them. Let's see Rocchio or Tena or both hit their first major league homer and I'll be very happy.

4. Have Trevor Stephan go through an inning unscathed.

The man is clearly broken. Let's get him an inning to feel good about until he works on fixing whatever is wrong over the next 4 months. I still believe in him.

5. Have Triston McKenzie make a decent and healthy last start.

He didn't have any command his first time out, so I'd like to see Sticks throw strikes and get through a strong four innings feeling good before he enters his offseason program. Having him healthy and effective is a big deal for 2024.

6. Give Tito a happy farewell and make Miguel Cabrera's final few games bummers.

I remember those years he hit like .500 against us. May Miggy end his career against Cleveland similar to how David Ortiz did, with an ignomious sweep.

Meanwhile, let Terry Francona feel good after wins. We know how competitive Tito is and it would be nice to have him remember his last few games managing for Cleveland in a mupositive light.

7. There's a long winter ahead with no Guardians baseball.

Enjoy it while it lasts because you're gonna miss it when it's gone.

For the last time for a bit, let's Go Guardians!