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N&N: Guardians fall to third place, 10 games out of first

Morning news and notes for Sept 27, 2023

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Cleveland Guardians
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds came into Progressive Field last night and won 11 to 7. It was a Giolito Game, and you’d have guessed that if all I said was “The Guardians gave up 5 home runs last night.”

Cleveland had a 3-0 lead, and things were looking super bleak for the Reds’ playoff chances. That lead lasted just a few minutes, but Hunter Greene was very interested in blowing it over and over again. He gave up 7 runs in 3 innings. But, as usual, the Guardians had a prolonged scoreless streak in them and never scored again. This was bad news, considering that 5 home runs usually produces more than 7 runs. (Duuh, I already told you the final score.)

Giolito gave up 3 of the 5. Nick Sandlin (obviously) and Xzavion Curry gave up one each to get us to 5.

On the bright side, Andres Gimenez was awesome again, homering and singling to go along with his usual elite defense. He has more fWAR this month than Will Brennan does all season.


• ZiPS thinks that the Guardians would have had no shot in the 2023 postseason. Everyone’s eyes agree.

Around baseball

• The Phillies clinched a playoff spot.

• If the season ended today, PHI would be joined by the D-Backs and Cubs in the three Wild Card spots.

• The Brewers won the NL Central.