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News and Notes: Guardians Managerial Discussion

News and notes from Monday’s off day

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With no game yesterday there isn’t a ton to report, but there were a couple small things that I felt warranted discussion. The first of which is this phenomenal piece on Terry Francona’s legacy by Zack Meisel of The Athletic. Unfortunately it is a subscription based publication, however if you are subscribed I can’t recommend this enough. Zack did a phenomenal job and summed up Francona’s career beautifully.

The hot take of the day comes from our very own Quincy Wheeler on Twitter, certainly a ton to discuss there. On one hand it’s totally crazy, but on the other hand.... is it? Let us know what you think.

The last item on the list isn’t explicitly Cleveland Guardians’ related as it’s more New York Yankees news, but Manager Aaron Boone’s relationship with the Yankees is rocky at the moment, leaving many questioning whether or not he’ll return as the Yankees’ skipper in 2024. Naturally due to our impending managerial search the question “should the Guardians make a call” is being posed.

Boone played for Cleveland from 2005-2006 posting a forgettable 246/.306/.375 slash line with 24 home runs in 247 games. His most notable contribution to the club was being a member of the “Rally Killer B’s” a moniker given to the alliterative trio of Boone, Ben Broussard, and Casey Blake who frequently hit 7-8-9 in the ‘05 lineup, killing enough rallies to make Myles Straw and Cam Gallagher blush.

Boone’s tenure as manager of the Yankees has been marked by a failure to bring a title to New York despite sky high payrolls and a star laden team.

I’m sure I’m asking a purely rhetorical question at this point but what the heck, might as well get those comments flowing right?

That’s all for today, go Guards!

A win in the Ohio cup is almost as good as a world series, right?