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N&N: Gimenez, Arias and Bo lead comeback win over Rays

News and Notes for September 2nd, 2023

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Guardians beat the Rays 3-2 behind a vintage Cal Quantrill 6-inning, 2-run effort, shutdown bullpen work from Eli Morgan, Trevor Stephan and Emmanuel Clase, and a two-run bottom of the 7th featuring an Andres Gimenez single and steal, a Gabriel Arias single, and a Bo Naylor double. Looks like we got ourselves a ballplayer in Bo Naylor, folks, and maybe also in Gabriel Arias?

The Twins beat the Rangers, so no further drama there. Would be nice for the Rangers to right that sinking ship about now.

Jose Tena is back with the major league club, probably for the weekend and then demoted when Josh Naylor is back. Since being sent back down after a brief stint with Cleveland, Tena put a 153 wRC+ in Columbus, which is a good way to get called back.

Hunter Gaddis and Cody Morris are back in Columbus, Peyton Battenfield and Eric Haase are on the streets, and we will see what the move is when Josh Naylor returns, but a second straight game of Oscar Gonzalez being benched does not bode well for his longterm future with the major league team.

Around the Minor Leagues:
Columbus also scored a comeback win 8-5 in the 11th, featuring 2 Kyle Manzardo hits including a double, Johnathan Rodriguez’s 9th home run at Triple-A, Jhonkensy Noel’s 22nd home run at Triple-A plus a double, and a hit and walk from Brayan Rocchio. Akron won 6-5, featuring two hits from the rehabbing Josh Naylor, two walks and a sacrfice fly from Juan Brito, and 4 and 1/3rd from Doug Nikhazy allowing 2 runs and striking out 10 on 4 hits and 3 walks. Franco Aleman pitched ANOTHER scoreless inning, striking out 2, and looks a lot like a guy who should be a Columbus Clipper. Lake County lost 11-7 but Dayan Frias had 2 hits including a double and a walk, and Kahlil Watson had 2 hits including a home run and 2 walks. Delauter also had another hit, a single. Lynchburg won 13-1 with 12 singles and 1 home run (from my boy Wuilfredo Antunez, making a strong late promotion push) and 2 hits from Jaison Chourio. Hillcats turned in a very good-Guardians-like performance.