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N&N: Myles Straw shows why his trade value is astronomical in win over Giants

Guardians news and notes for September 13, 2023

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at San Francisco Giants Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The great news: Shane Bieber pitched in AA Akron yesterday and did not allow any hits.

The greater news: Myles Straw played baseball in San Francisco and reminded executives across the Major Leagues why his trade value is right in line with Ronald Acuña’s.

Before we get back to Bieber, we’ll let Cal Quantrill, who was also great last night, explain:

So now that we’ve reminded some people what a great ballplayer Myles Straw is, let’s refuse to discuss Pete Kozma and talk about Shane Bieber some more.

Bieber, making his debut as Chase DeLauter’s teammate, faced 15 Altoona batters and none of them got base hits. Two of them reached on errors, but only one of them walked. Bieber also struck out 4 in the 3.2 innings that those 15 batted in.

Around baseball

• The Mets, who could really use Myles Straw on their 2024 roster, hired former Brewers GM David Stearns as president.

• The Royals, who could really use Myles Straw on their 2024 roster, lost their 101st game. That’s 2 more losses than the A’s have!

• The Red Sox and Yankees, who could really use Myles Straw on their 2024 rosters, are now both 73-72.

• Ignore this ranking of baseball teams sorted by how many barrels their outfielders have hit.