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Luis Arraez just needed to get the AL Central stink off of him

Cleveland Guardians news and notes for Wednesday, June 7, 2023

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Miami Marlins Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox 5, Guardians 4 last night. Guardian relievers (it’s a good bullpen! really!) continued to be at their absolute worst in the most high leverage spots. Tyler Freeman pinch ran instead of pinch hitting for Myles Straw. I’m tired of talking about this boring and depressing team.

Around baseball

  • Luis Arraez was 2-for-4 against KC to raise his batting average to .401 on the season. This is the one time we discuss batting average.
  • Jacob deGrom needs Tommy John surgery. This is such a huge bummer for one of the most fun players to watch over the past decade.
  • Elly De La Cruz, YOU are a Cincinnati Red. A year ago, the proper reaction to finding out a player was on the Reds was “Oh, I’m sorry.” But today, we stand here with a worse record then the Reds, and they have Elly De La Cruz, and we have Mike Zunino catching on most days.
  • Byron Buxton once again headed to the IL.

Did the Guardians outscore the tanking Athletics?

  • Lol, no. 4 runs for the Guardians (which included, as usual, 6 scoreless innings in a row) and 11 for the A’s last night. Their season totals are now 216 for Cleveland and 221 for Oakland.

Wednesday mornings suck. They mean that we watched the Guardians lose the prior night.