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Aaron Civale starting for Guardians on Friday

Cleveland Guardians news and notes for Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The good news for the Cleveland Guardians is that Aaron Civale is ready to return from his latest injury and will start Friday’s game. He’ll replace Hunter Gaddis, who was tipped off of the news yesterday. But Gaddis, as they say, likely knew what was coming.

The bad news is that the CGs lost last night. Of course they did. It was Tuesday. Cal Quantrill was bad, but not as bad as Will Brennan in right field. Brennan’s little league defense was quite likely the difference in the game, but since the Guardians decided that roster moves are illegal, we will continue to trot out this minor league baseball player in our major league games.

Around the league

  • The Orioles (hey, that’s our current opponent!) signed Aaron Hicks for the rest of the season. He’s still being paid by the Yankees.
  • They needed to do this because they placed Cedric Mullins on the injured list. Big bummer for the sport.
  • Another big bummer for the sport: Eduardo Rodriguez was placed on the IL by Detroit. He has a pulley injury in his finger. If that sounds familiar to you, a Cleveland fan, it should.
  • The Brewers lost Jesse Winker for a couple weeks.
  • The Ballys lost their Padres broadcast rights for... much longer. Ya hate to see it. MLB will take over the broadcast rights for the rest of this season and charge $74.99.

Did the Guardians outscore the tanking Athletics?

  • Yes they did. Oakland needed only 2 runs to beat Atlanta last night, BUT the Guardians scored 5. This, though not enough to overcome bad pitching and defense, was a downright outburst for a team that hadn’t scored more than 3 runs on a Tuesday all season.