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This is an Xzavion Curry appreciation post

Cleveland Guardians news and notes for Tuesday, April 25, 2023

MLB: APR 11 Yankees at Guardians Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The plan heading into yesterday’s loss to the Rockies seemed pretty simple: get through it, and Xzavion Curry will start Wednesday. With all the injuries and poor performances, there is simply no one left. So Curry, who has been excellent — invaluable, even — in mop-up duty for the rest of the sorry starting rotation, was going to finally get his shot at starting.

That’s not going to happen now.

While part of me is happy that it could mean the Guardians are forced to finally call up Tanner Bibee from the minors (either that or have Konnor Pilkington pitch on short rest), it means that Curry misses out on a shot that he has absolutely earned.

The 24-year-old second-year (but still technically a rookie) pitcher already has 15.1 innings under his belt through five relief appearances, and he sports a 2.93 ERA with 11 strikeouts and four walks. Twice Curry has pitched in starter-length outings to save the bullpen. Last night he came close again, with 3.1 no-hit innings against the Rockies.

I’m not saying Curry demands a spot in the rotation or he’ll be an ace or anything, but being such a great mop-up man has prevented the Guardians' pitching issues from being so much worse. At the very least, don’t let his contributions go unnoticed because they have come in games that most people have turned off by the time he comes in to pitch.

Guardians 0, Rockies 6

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No words. What is even happening on the Guardians right now? In the softest part of their schedule and they can’t seem to stay on track to save their lives. They seemed to finally click on Sunday against the Marlins but went right back to the toilet in their series-opening loss to the Rockies yesterday.

Cleveland Guardians news

There is no news, only despair.

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