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Guardians get their first loss out of the way early

Cleveland Guardians news and notes for Friday, March 31, 2023

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

You didn’t think the Guardians would actually win an Opening Day game, did you? You silly internet reader, you. We don’t do that here. We don’t even score runs.

If you went to bed early last night, you didn’t miss much. Just watch the highlights if you want to watch a man on the mound slowly implode like a dying star.

Now that the obligatory Opening Day loss is out of the way, the Guardians can move on to facing a great left-handed pitcher in Robbie Ray while they send a guy who was going to be a reliever until last week.

Oh ... oh no.

Joking aside, I’m excited to see how Gaddis performs today. He’s not nearly as bad as he looked in his handful of major-league innings last year, and I want to see him work that changeup without instantly getting hammered like he did against the White Sox last year.

Guardians 0, Mariners 3

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A pitching duel turned pitching disaster last night, as Shane Bieber and Luis Castillo gave their bullpens a clean slate to work with but James Karinchak couldn’t handle the pitch timer heat. It’s only game one though, and at least Josh Naylor looked like a great first baseman out there.

Today’s baseball: @ Mariners, 10:10 p.m. ET (RHP Gaddis vs. LHP Ray)

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