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Zach Plesac hit hard in first start, working to keep positive this season

Morning news and notes for Monday, Feb. 27, 2023

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s to a great week!

Rangers 13, Guardians 4

Box Score

Zach Plesac struggled in his first Catcus League action this spring. Angel Martinez and Micah Pries went deep for Cleveland.

Guardians News

After frustrating ‘22, Plesac working to stay positive |

From Mandy Bell:

“It was almost like I had to understand that nothing is against me,” Plesac said. “I have all the capabilities of being a great pitcher and I’ve shown it. There are glimpses of it. Having that mental confidence and being able to understand [that] I’m as good as I know I am. It’s being able to battle.”

That battle hasn’t always been easy. Plesac was notorious last year for receiving little run support. Of all 90 hurlers who threw at least 130 innings in ’22, Plesac ranked 88th in the amount of run support he received from his offense. While his mental game wasn’t at its peak, he was also being dealt difficult hands that continued to test him, and he didn’t always pass those tests.

“There were a lot of times when I could have focused on more positive things, rather than be fighting demons, so to say,” Plesac said. “There was a point where it felt like everything was going well for everybody except for me. And there was a point where the mindset has to change.”

Guardians catcher Mike Zunino takes important first step in spring training opener |

Zunino caught three innings over the weekend and is feeling healthy.

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