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N&N: Chris Sale traded for Vaughn Grissom

your morning news for December 31, 2023

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


And a surprising one.

On Saturday afternoon, the Red Sox found a taker for the cause of many of their headaches over the years, as they traded Chris Sale to Atlanta for Vaughn Grissom.

Why would the Braves do this? Because the Red Sox are going to be the ones paying for most of Sale.

I am fascinated by how the Braves have obviously decided that money is the market inefficiency that they plan on exploiting over and over in trades this offseason. If it works, everyone else is going to rightfully be like “Duh, why didn’t we think of that?” But it might be hard to tell if it works because the Braves were going to be very very good either way.

I am 100% convinced that the Braves would take Myles Straw’s contract off our hands, but we probably shouldn’t do it, because we probably wouldn’t like the cost. There must be a reason the Braves think this is a winning strategy.