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Guardians trade Cody Morris to NYY for Estevan Florial

Morning news and notes for Dec 27

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
his name is not tim
Photo by R.J. Johnston Toronto Star/Toronto Star via Getty Images

They did it! They remembered how to make a trade!

It wasn’t an overly exciting one, but maybe we’ll look back at this post and laugh at how underwhelmed we were.

Estevan Florial is now on the Cleveland Guardians, and Cody Morris is now on the New York Yankees. Boo Cody Morris. Boooooooo.

Florial mashed the baseball in AAA last season, but because the Yankees have spent this offseason acquiring real outfielders, they no longer needed their MiLB reinforcements.

The Guardians, um, needed reinforcements. And they needed somebody capable of hitting 28 home runs, even if they were in AAA.

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