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News and Notes: Angel Martinez and Tyler Freeman Are Taking Outfield Reps

News and Notes for Thursday, December 14th, 2023

Cincinnati Reds v Cleveland Guardians minor leaguers Photo by David Durochik/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Apparently, Angel Martinez is working on playing centerfield in the Dominican Republic:

And, reportedly, Tyler Freeman is working out in the outfield, something the Guardians indicated would happen this offseason during the summer:

There was noise that the Dodgers would be landing Tyler Glasnow, but, as of the composing of this news and notes at 11:50pm EST on the 13th of December, that move had not materialized as of yet:

Now, Mandy Bell, Guardians beat reporter for, does not tend to offer insight behind-the-scenes insight or breaking news, but in her recent newsletter, she did respond to a question about trading Guardians’ players by saying she put his odds of Shane Bieber being traded as about 70% out of 100.

MLB is arranging some top prospects vs. top prospects games for Spring Training, which sounds fun!

Be sure to check out a piece on new Guardians’ acquisition, Ben Lively, by Matt Dallas coming out this morning!