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News and Notes: Guardians “Open to Dealing Emmanuel Clase”

News and Notes for Friday, December 1st, 2023

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Jeff Passan of ESPN released a Winter Meetings’ preview in which he said the Guardians are “open to dealing Emmanuel Clase” and “entertaining the possibility of trading Shane Bieber.” He says the Guardians have a Clase replacement on hand in Scott Barlow, which, lol. One year of Scott Barlow does not equal four years of Emmanuel Clase, not even to mention the talent gap between the two players.

There are two wolves within me - one says that all relievers are failed starters with extremely volatile value and so should be seen as expendable. Another says that ZiPS last year said Emmanuel Clase might be the next Mariano Rivera and trading the next Mariano Rivera seems incredibly unwise.

My ultimate conclusion is that the Guardians will not (and BETTER not) trade Clase unless they are getting a middle-of-the-order hitting outfielder AND at least a fourth starter for the major-league rotation in return. That seems unlikely to happen. But, we will see.

As for Bieber, the general vibe from Passan and others seems to be that teams that don’t have huge injury concerns with Bieber and who miss out on Glasnow and Yamamoto will turn their attention to seeing if they can pry him away from the Guardians.

Unlike Jon Morosi, Jeff Passan is very plugged into the Cleveland front office, so I think his info should be seen as trustworthy. This doesn’t mean a Clase or Bieber trade is open, but I think it does mean that the team sees these two assets as some of the best avenues for improving their roster. A tough challenge to pull off, but I guess this is why Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff get paid the big bucks.

Guards Fest is set for Saturday, January 20th at Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland. It’s always a fun time

Guardians manager Stephen Vogt went to a Cavaliers game a couple nights ago. He really seems like a gem:

Jeremy Feador of the Cleveland Guardians did an interview with former Tribe pitcher, Scott Bailes:

Brayan Rocchio had a single and a triple in his second Venezuelan Winter League game last night:

Former Guardians’ player and apparent still lover of Cleveland, Franmil Reyes, smoked another 85 mph fastball down the middle for a homer in the Dominican Winter League: