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My 2024 Cleveland Guardians Wishlist

With Christmas just under a month away, I’m letting Santa know exactly what I want for the 2024 Cleveland Guardians.

The trick-or-treaters have come and gone, we’ve stuffed our faces with turkey and pie, and only one thing remains in 2023. Christmas. And this year, my list to Santa consists of some upgrades for the Cleveland Guardians. Here is my Guardians wish list for the 2023-2024 offseason.

Add a power bat

I know I’m not the only one who has this on the top of my list. The biggest hole in the Guardians lineup is the one that’s shaped like a power hitter, and it’s one that I want filled most. While Chris Antonetti has made it clear that the Guardians most likely won’t be spending much this offseason, there’s still plenty of reason to hope this addition will be made.

It would certainly be a huge boost of morale if the team added someone like Juan Soto or (dare I say) Shohei Ohtani, it’s just not likely. On the other hand, some under-the-radar free agents such as Joey Gallo or the others mentioned in Quincy Wheeler’s article might make a splash for this low-power team.

Good vibes in the coaches’ corner

I could not have been any happier when the team announced the signing of Steven Vogt as the new manager. While I loved Tito as much as the next die-hard Guardians fan, it will be extremely nice to have a young former player to lead the team into 2024. Someone the players can relate to and who has a lot of experience with the ups and downs of Major and Minor League Baseball.

With the rest of the coaching staff rounded out, including Kai Correa and Rouglas Odor, it’s surely going to be an exciting year for the young Guards. All I can ask for now is that the team and staff mesh just as well as we’re all hoping for them to. Since it’s Vogt’s first year as a manager, he still has a lot to learn. However, it will be fun to see him learn it alongside a team who is still learning the game.

Put together a full competitive season

While this isn’t a huge ask, it certainly isn’t something we were blessed with in 2023. It was a season full of ups and down, of first place stretches and of ten games back, but all around a disappointing season in which the Guardians did not see any playoff baseball. Whether or not they make the postseason in 2024, I mostly just want them to have a consistently good season.

No more finishing the season below .500, no more hitless games, and more winning. Isn’t that the dream?

No more salary dumping

I know I speak for many when I say that I was devastated when the team released Cal Quantrill earlier this offseason. He was the designated vibes guy. So why did they DFA a player that had a steady arm and everyone loved? To save money. Doesn’t that sound familiar...

My wish is for Chris Antonetti to stop doing that. I know that not every player has a spot on this roster and some guys just can’t stay. But the fact that Antonetti did this because the team “couldn’t afford” his $6 million option is just ludicrous. If they don’t want to spend $6 million on a reliable pitcher, it’s hard to believe they’ll spend ten times as much on a big name power hitter.

World Series Champions

Okay this one’s a stretch, but there’s no way you’re not wishing for it too. Maybe if we’re all good enough, Santa will deliver...

What is on your Christmas list for the 2024 Cleveland Guardians?