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Thank you Veterans from the CTC Community

To all who served, thank you

Bob Feller In Military Uniform W/Sailors

Yes we know it’s still a day early, but given that Veterans Day falls on a weekend this year and today is the day that most schools and workplaces either give the day off or take the day to recognize those who have served we felt it was appropriate to take today off of our “75 Years and Counting” series, if we’re going to use today to remember anything it’s going to be the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have served this country.

Regardless of anyone’s opinions on the individual wars and conflicts throughout our nation’s history, the men and women who chose to serve our country and to be ready should they ever be called to defend the people who live here are deserving of our respect and appreciation.

In that same vein, when I think of baseball in the context of veterans day the first person who comes to mind is Bob Feller who enlisted in the military immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Feller was 22 and coming off three straight seasons that saw lead baseball in wins, strikeouts, shutouts, and innings pitched and chose to give up 3 of his prime years to serve in the military in World War II. Feller truly was a legend on and off the field.

We also particularly wanted to thank all of the members of the CTC community who have served. If you would like please comment below so that we can recognize and thank you for your service.