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N&N: Phillies 10, Diamondbacks 0

Morning N&N for October 18, 2023

Championship Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two
hitting the ball: still good.
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

When your baseball team has Aaron Nola, and a slew of batters who hit the ball very hard, it is going to be very hard for an 84-win team to beat you in a 7-game series. The Phillies have those things, and have been showing them off.

With how Nola looked Tuesday night, one run would have been enough. The Phillies scored 10. They now lead the series two games to none.

Trea Turner homered. (Again.) Kyle Schwarber homered. (And then homered again.) All 3 of those were off of Merrill Kelly, who pitched fairly well otherwise. The next two AZ pitchers did not pitch fairly well otherwise. That’s how you end up with a 10-spot in an NLCS game. And Aaron Nola is how you end up with a 0.

Meanwhile, in the American League...

• The Astros named Cristian Javier as their Game 3 starter. He’ll face Max Scherzer. Tonight! Go Rangers!