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Enyel De Los Santos throws immaculate inning

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2022

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MLB: AUG 11 Guardians at Tigers Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For Cleveland fans, yesterday’s game was rather forgettable. For Enyel De Los Santos, and EDLS fans, it was peak baseball. Shane Bieber was great, except for one inning in which he sucked. But it was the inning following Biebs when things got #historic. Shane went six, so it was the seventh.

Enyel enters. Strike, Strike, Strike. Strike, Strike,Strike. Strike, Strike, Strike. That, kids, is three outs. Three strikeouts. On the lowest number of possible pitches. The name for this is an “immaculate inning.” and there have been roughly 100 of them since they started being tracked. Congrats, Enyel!

(Cleveland also hit a triple for the fifth straight game. Don’t think anybody is going to remember that one, unless it’s tomorrow because we happen to make it six.)

(Cleveland also set down 21 in a row at one point until trevor stephan walked a Ray. I don’t have any historical data for this one.)

Otherwise, this is a game that would have been infuriating if we needed to win it. But we didn’t, so ...

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