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Twins avenge doubleheader drubbing with Sunday shutout

Sometimes you don’t score any runs

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

Before anything else: let everyone sleep for the rest of the day. Make naps a virtue.

With that out of the way,

~ A Recap ~

The Cleveland Guardians lost to the Minnesota Twins by a final score of 3-0. Cody Morris pitched six innings of one-run baseball, resting the eleventy pitchers used yesterday.

Morris struck out six, but the four that came courtesy of his changeup are the most interesting to me. Each stayed in the lower third of the zone and enjoyed a strong breeze as it passed underneath a swing and a miss. I am most pleased by a three-pitch strikeout in the sixth featuring two consecutive changeups to seal the deal.

A young pitcher who generates strikeouts with their fastball and changeup? That is worth some Muppet-level excitement, right?

Okay, okay, that’s fair — there really wasn’t that much to get excited about today. Richard Palacios turned two by flagging down a Giovanny Urshela fly ball and then nuking Luis Arráez at home.

Otherwise, the offense failed to find energy. Three hits and walks each is not the kind of firepower required in The Show, but it is the kind of performance a good team will invariably offer on occasion.

The Twins — a good team going through a brutal stretch of injuries — gave the other side and reminded many why they led the division for much of the season.

May I offer Gilberto Celestino sprinting with his back to home plate?

José Ramírez drove this ball on the eighth pitch of the at-bat with a runner on third. The batter prior, Amed Rosario had grounded into a double play. While web gems like this boosted the Twins all afternoon, Luis Arráez locked it up with a two-run single in the top of the ninth.

In upbeat news, Myles Straw swatted a single and a double, the latter nearly clearing the wall in left field. These extended innings and gave the Guardians opportunities to level the score. If the liner displayed above hits the warning track the Guards take the lead, and Straw helped orchestrate the rally. It is a thing that, when seen, one loves.

All right — I’m out of upbeats.

It is worth keeping in mind that a 14-inning game ended twelve hours before this game began, which was further preceded by a standard nine-inning game.