A 40-man Roster Primer for November

There has been a lot of talk about a roster crunch, so let's take a bit of a look at what it looks like at this point in time. Obviously things can change between now and the end of the season, but this is where we stand heading into the August grind and then September push for a playoff spot.

This is our current 40 man roster (* is in the minors, ** is on the 60IL):

C (3) - Hedges, Maile, Lavastida

INF (11) - J. Naylor, Gimenez, Rosario, Ramirez, Miller, Freeman, Arias*, Clement*, Rocchio*, Tena*, Noel*

OF (9) - Straw, Kwan, Jones, Benson, Gonzalez, Call*, Palacios*, Reyes*, Valera*

P (19) - Bieber, McKenzie, Quantrill, Plesac, Civale, Pilkington, McCarthy, Clase, Morgan, Stephan, DLS, Hentges, Shaw, Karinchak, Sandlin, Vargas*, Castro*, Morris**, Gose**

So we are at 42 guys "on" the 40 man as two are on the 60IL and don't count. I suspect Gose just get's let go at some point, and let's say Castro gets DFA for Morris when he needs to get activated in a week or two.

Here is the list of guys I think are gone, either through FA loss or DFA:

Shaw, Hedges, Maile, Clement, Call, McCarthy (6)

Here is the list of guys I think COULD get DFA'd:

Reyes, Miller, Hentges (3)

So I see 6 spots very likely to be opened up for R5 additions, and maybe 3 more in addition. Obviously a November trade could happen, November trades certainly happen. They may trade someone who has minor value for low level guy who doesn't need to get added to the roster for a year or two to help a bit.

Here is the list of guys I think are very likely to be added (or at least very likely to be taken in a R5):

B. Naylor, Brennan, A. Martinez, Gaddis, Curry, Battenfield, Hankins, Cantillo, Mikolajchak (9)

Here is the list of guys I think have some potential to be taken in an R5 draft, but are longshots to be added due to multiple factors:

Fry, Pries, G. Rodriguez, Planez, J. Rodriguez, Misiaszek, Enright

So they likely have 6 free open spots, maybe 3 more depending on what they decide to do with some guys, and like 8 or 9 guys they are going to want to add (I can see the RP, Mikolajchak being left exposed).

If they added all 9, and cut all 9 from what I said, the Roster Balance would be 20 pitchers and 20 position players which would be balanced after a year of a very unbalanced roster. I do, however, see some of the 3 longshot CUTS as being pretty clear longshots (in particular Miller and Hentges - I doubt they want to tender a contract to Reyes but maybe they will), so I personally think they have at least 2 spots that they need to clear (or should have cleared at the deadline)

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