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Stupid rule rattles Zach Plesac, umpires help Guardians lose

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022

Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Guardians
“How dare you not me a real hitter at the deadline, Lance Barksdale”
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

I can’t possibly list all the ways that last night’s game was infuriating, so I will link to Blake’s recap. Did he do a good job of it? I have no idea. Nobody reads the articles.

Austin Hedges attempted to do so, and mostly succeeded, although his fury led to some weird word combinations.

Cleveland Guardians news

Around the league

  • Carlos Carrasco (the ultimate LGFT) is going to miss up to a month with a strained oblique :(.
  • Rodolfo Castro of the Pirates, whose cell phone made an appearance at third base a few days ago, was suspended one game for his deed.
  • Drew Rasmussen is going to start befuddling Cardinals and Blue Jays too, before moving on to Other Things, if his success against Orioles is any indication.
  • Franmil Reyes: Stud.
  • The Mets called up Brett Baty.
  • Theeeee New York Yankees lost once again, 3-1 to Tampa. The loss column keeps hearing HERE COME THE YANKEES and doesn’t mind one bit.